About Us

Care At Home Pharmacy is a home-service-based pharmacy. We do not have a front store, as we want to focus solely on delivering pharmacy needs directly to your home, emphasizing regular home visits by a personal pharmacist. It can be overwhelming to manage multiple medications and medical conditions, but we are here to help. . 

Through the home visits, our pharmacists take as much time as you need to understand how to manage your health and medications properly. They will develop a close relationship with you and liaise with your doctor as medication or health-related problems come up.

We want you to live the best quality of life possible and help you avoid emergency visits and hospital stays. Ways in which we can help you take your medications safely and regularly include bubble-packing your medications or offering customized payment plans to make your medicines affordable.

Our Vision


  • To provide convenience in medication management so you can achieve your healthcare goals, save time, and live your life.
  • To be a life-long healthcare partner so we can help you prevent disease worsening and complications from arising.
  • Supporting families & caregivers in managing their loved one’s health can be time-consuming and stressful.

Our Mission


To work closely with clients & their families, so they are more knowledgeable and capable of holistically managing their medications and medical conditions; collaborate with prescribers and other healthcare professionals to ensure the patients’ health needs are met.

Our Values


  • Integrity in all of our interactions with clients, staff and community.
  • To ensure the optimal health & well-being of our clients.
  • To do what is in the best interest of our clients morally & ethically.

meet OUR team


Ray Hogue
CEO and Co-Founder

Ray Hogue was the co-owner of Leila Pharmacy in Winnipeg and pioneered the “visiting pharmacist” concept beginning in 2000. He was hailed by “The Pharmacy Post” in 2006 as an innovator, and health care coordinators deemed the home visit system to be a godsend. After selling the successful pharmacy in 2009, he has pursued other business opportunities. His love of pharmacy care and desire to provide this much-needed and extraordinary service to patients and their families has inspired him to open Care at Home Pharmacy.

He is looking forward to bringing his over 40 years of experience in retail pharmacy to Care At Home Pharmacy and continue providing this essential service to Winnipeg residents.

Teresa Giesbrecht
President and Co-Founder

Teresa earned a Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of Winnipeg. She has a 28-year career history in pharmacy retail in various positions with Shoppers Drug Mart. Teresa has a collaborative approach which has resulted in strong partnerships built over her career, and she sees the need for people to respect each other and work together. As a leader and mentor, she can build trust and create a cohesive group of people moving to achieve common goals.

Teresa is passionate about patient care and has personally experienced how the relationship between families and health care professionals creates positive outcomes. She looks forward to working with Care At Home clients, their families and caregivers to achieve similar results.

Teresa loves to travel, visit the cottage, support local sports, and read.


Yolanda is originally from Halifax, Nova Scotia and attended pharmacy school at Dalhousie University. After graduating in 2012, she moved to Brandon, Manitoba, where she gained various skills unique to pharmacy practice. Her time in Brandon has given her experience in methadone dispensing, long-term care management for group homes and nursing homes, specialty compounding of pharmaceuticals and performance of medication reviews. She has her compounding certificate from PCCA (Professional Compounding Centres of America) and is licensed to give injections. She takes a holistic approach to pharmaceutical care by frequently meeting with clients to assess their medications and working closely with their physicians to resolve drug-related issues.

PHARMACY Assistant

She graduated as a Pharmacy Assistant in 1986 and has been part of the team here since June 2020 after working at Canada Safeway for over 30 years. She enjoys the outdoors, hiking, horseback riding and cycling. “I strive to give superior quality, service and care to our clients.”

Sydney King

Sydney was born and raised in Winnipeg and received her Bachelor of Science degree in Pharmacy from the University of Manitoba. After graduation, she worked at the Manitoba Clinic Pharmacy for a year before embarking on a 28-year career as a staff pharmacist at Grace General Hospital. Sydney gained experience in patient counselling, pain management, palliative care, providing drug information to other health care professionals, and unit dose drug distribution systems. After retiring from Grace Hospital, Sydney went on to work for an International Prescription Services Pharmacy for 8-years, where she gained further experience providing pharmaceutical care and counselling to clients at a distance. Her most recent work experience was 7-years as a staff pharmacist at Geri-Aid Systems, a division of Rexall, which provided pharmacy services to personal care home residents. This position offered valuable experience in geriatric pharmacy practice.

Sydney is committed to providing excellent pharmaceutical care, and joining the Care At Home team allows her to make a meaningful difference in the lives of our clients.

Delivery Driver

Glen is the delivery driver and the company’s face when our pharmacists are not delivering. As a past business owner, he has have gained strong retail, customer service and communication skills. His experience has shown him the importance of customer service and maintaining a respectful workplace environment.