“My dad, who is 89 years old, is in an Assisted Living Senior Centre. I used to drive him to Costco, stand in line, and go through the process repeatedly.

This may not seem to be a problem for some; however, I live out of town! I am blessed and Thankful for Care at Home Pharmacy, which visits him in his home every week to deliver his medication.

Not only do they make sure his medicine is correct, bubble packed, and he is taking all the correct dosage, I am so appreciative that he has the company of caring pharmacists. I am very confident that I will be notified immediately if there are any concerns.

Thanks for all you do!”

Care At Home Pharmacy is the epitome of what is needed today to help seniors remain in the comfort of their homes and have quality care come to them.

My parents have greatly benefited from “visiting pharmacist” Yolanda Yeung’s involvement. She initially developed a medical profile for each and made recommendations to their doctor regarding medication changes.

She pays weekly visits to my parents’ homes to monitor their progress and well-being and readily provides their prescriptions and any other pharmaceutical needs recommended by their doctor.

I am my parents’ primary caregiver but do not live in the city, so Yolanda and I communicate by email. She also regularly speaks and collaborates with the doctor and nursing service involved with my parents’ care.

It is a great comfort to me to know that the Care At Home Pharmacy team is committed to providing personalized and reputable service to seniors like my parents and is willing to partner with other services in this type of care at home model. It just doesn’t get any better than that, in my view!

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Care At Home Pharmacy is not affiliated with any institutional practice site. Anyone can join, and the patient only needs to be on a minimum of one (1) medication. We do not charge for our services other than our dispensing fees. We only ask that the patient have all their chronic medications filled by our pharmacy.

You can have your patient contact us, or we can call them.