Families & Caregivers

Caring for a loved one can be stressful & time-consuming. We help by taking care of the medication aspect and providing advice and resources for all other needs. Having additional support allows your loved one to live comfortably and safely in their home for as long as possible.

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Care At Home Pharmacy is not affiliated with any institutional practice site. Anyone can join, and the patient only needs to be on a minimum of one (1) medication. We do not charge for our services other than our dispensing fees. We only ask that the patient have all their chronic medications filled by our pharmacy.

You can have your patient contact us, or we can call them.

There is no extra cost for our services

We understand medications can be costly, and there are many ways we help with this. One of them is ensuring that Pharmacare, the provincial plan for medication coverage, is appropriately set up. We also offer flexible, personalized payment plans. The care you deserve is not out of your budget! The only requirement is that the patient gets all their regular medications dispensed from our pharmacy.

Faxing the doctor for prescription refills

Rather than making an appointment with the doctor for refills on medicines, we will fax the doctor as soon as the prescription runs out so your loved one will never be out of medications.

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Have your loved one schedule a free medication review today and see how Care At Home Pharmacy can help simplify healthcare needs.